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    - Big Four -
    Big Four is a quartet created in Spring 2009 by Julien Soro.

    The birth of this band comes from a deep wish to take up the challenge of a singular instrumentation : two Horns (Saxophone & Tuba) and two Percussions (Vibraphone and Drums). The Tuba/Vibraphone combination creates a clear demarcation with sound material of a "standard" quartet (w/ Piano & Bass), while bringing a warm tone as well as unusual acoustic textures.

    Julien Soro’s compositions become a collective exploration field where spontaneity and rhythmic profusion are at the centre of discourse. Music that is round and angular at the same time, where paradox and evidence coexist. Big Four members are looking for this thin space between consciousness and looseness which lets them give sound some movement. Coming back to a childlike state where Play is everywhere.

    Big Four has its history too... Two self-produced records by choice, closely followed by a watchfull and sensitive audience, affected by the band’s creative force. Really intense shows, rehearsals that are like a constant work-in-progress, 4 true jazz standards lovers, miles and miles of shared music... So, come out and give us a try !
    Julien Soro Saxophones & Compositions
    Ever since he was born, he has been bursting with jazz. He began to learn the piano at 5 and focused on the saxophone from the age of 11.
    From 2004 to 2008, in the CNSM’s Jazz class, Julien improved his skills as a musician and a composer. In the end, he obtained the first prize with distinction.

    In June 2007, with the 6tet Inama, he was the second prizewinner of the national competition "Jazz à la Défense", the soloist prizewinner and group prizewinner at the musical springboard "Esprit Jazz" from the "Saint Germain des Pres" festival. He recorded with this band his first disc ("La Boîte Noire" / Cristal Records / 2008).
    He collaborates with the percussionist François Kokelaere and the kora player Kora Prince Diabaté. Francois Jeanneau, Jean Louis Chautemps and Glenn Ferris didn’t make a mistake when appealing to his reeds...

    At the moment, he runs many groups as a sideman : Fred Maurin’s orchestra Ping Machine with which has recorded two discs ("Random Issues" / Neuklang / 2009 & "Des Trucs Pareils" / Neuklang / 2011, Choc JazzMag’), guitarist Pascal Charrier’s Kami Quintet ("Human Spirals" / Ajmi Series / 2011) and Light Blazer, Jonas Muel’s Jazz Rock - Hip Hop Combo.
    He’s also playing in a duet with the bass player Raphaël Schwab (Neuklang / 2014) and planning a trio with the guitarist Pierre Durand and his fellow bandmate Rafaël Koerner.

    Stephan Caracci Vibraphone
    It is now ten years that Stephan has been playing his vibraphone. First in Marseille, where he made his debut with Cyril Benhamou (In & Out) and Raphaël Imbert (Newtopia, NY Project) with whom he still collaborates regularly. Then in Paris, where he participated in the creation of such original bands as Big Four, Rétroviseur and Slugged. With them he won several awards, including the national competition "Jazz à la Défense" which allowed him to play in the major clubs and festivals in France, Belgium and Germany.

    When he can, he likes to serve other repertoires like playing with Hervé Sellin’s tentet or composer Michel Musseau when creating "Welcome to Paradise". More recently, he participated in Patrice Caratini’s "André Hodeir" project, commissioned by Radio France.

    In 2013, we heard him beside Sophie Alour and in pianist Mico Nissim’s records. He’s now a permanent member of Ping Machine.
    Fabien Debellefontaine Sousaphone
    Fabien discovered saxophone at 8 years old and learned "classical" music at the neighbourhood music school, around La Rochelle. He began to like playing in bands, since 1996 in every kind of marching band, where he juggles between Saxophones and Sousaphone.

    In 2001, he studied jazz at Conservatoire du 9ème arr. de Paris where he learned with André Villéger (reeds), Emyl Spanii (composition, harmony, workshops), Nicolas Folmer and Tony Russo (big band).

    Between 2004 and 2008, he set up and led the big band L’Oreille Cassée and co-led Inama with Julien Soro and Amina Mezaache, both of which bands he writes music for.

    He discovered Sousaphone in 2005 by himself, and learned with Fred Marillier, and «on location» in New Orleans (2012). In 2014 he creates the 1000 Bornes Trio, writes music for it and plays saxophones & flute and the 112 Brass Band, horny Hip Hop band with Jonas Muel.
    He plays with Ping Machine, Les Oignons and the BeBop Stompers (New Orleans inspired) and Maracuja! (Brazilian music).

    >>> fabiend.fr <<<
    Rafaël Koerner Drums
    Rafaël began learning drums when he was 7. At the age of 16, he devoted himself entirely to music. At various workshops, he had the chance to work with major musicians that influenced the evolution of his playing such as Jim Black, Steve Coleman, Tom Rainey, Fat Kid Wednesdays, Ralph Alessi, Tyshawn Sorey, Marc Ducret and Dave Liebman.

    In 2000, when he was 18, he began performing on stage with many bands ranging from reggae, pop and rock to traditional and contemporary jazz.

    In 2003, he recorded his first album with Chilean singer Mariana Montalvo. He is currently the drummer for many projects, notably Ping Machine (contemporary jazz large ensemble), Kami Quintet (jazz/rock), Matthieu Rosso’s Eiffel Quantum. We heard him recently in Stéphane Payen/Daniel Erdmann "Inselmusik" (contemporary jazz), Taranta Babu (jazz/pop/folk) and Cartel Carnage (metal/jazz). Many of these projects received major awards by french critics.

    Since 2012, he has played with a trio in a live music cinema performance of the French silent film "Le Manoir de la Peur", 1927.

    He currently teaches drums at the Conservatory of Ivry-sur-Seine.